The world's most loved curry, the Butter Chicken also known as Chicken Mahkani. It's mild spiced, tomato based, savoury gravy is what makes it absolutely delicious and popular. With our curry kits, we handpick the freshest ingredients which are then produced without any preservatives, food colouring, and msg. 

With this bundle, you get a pack a Marinated Chicken Tikka (1 lbs), made fresh in our commercial kitchen in Hong Kong and 1 x SPICEMRKT Butter Chicken kit.

In this bundle, you get:

1) SPICEMRKT Butter Chicken Kit 

2) 1 x Marinated chicken tikka pack



1) Grill/Air-fry your chicken skewers for 12-15 mins, flipping midway. 

2) Prepare the Butter Chicken sauce with the curry kit in a pot.

3) Add the cooked chicken skewers in, and cook for a few minutes to infuse the flavours.

4) Share this goodness with family, friends, loved ones. 

In this bundle, you get: