Why you need to cook Indian Food from scratch? At least once...

Sulaiman SajahanSep 26, '18

Boasting a vast blend of spices and other ingredients, Indian food seems to both perplex and intrigue outside audiences. From late night curry takeaways to hidden restaurants with long menus featuring unknown dishes, many people are familiar with the mouthwatering taste of Indian cuisine.

However, the idea of preparing an Indian dish at home seems highly intimidating. The heart of each Indian dish requires blends of both whole and beautifully ground spices to bring out new flavors. Many of these spices seem difficult to locate at the local supermarket and only available in huge quantities at an Indian supply store.

The Spice Market wants to offer you the chance to watch (and taste) firsthand how to merry these exotic spices together to create a fresh and flavourful dish at home. Offering spice kits and recipes for all levels from “Never-Cooked-Before” to “Top Chef”, everyone can enjoy the experience of Indian home cooking. Let The Spice Market tackle the hassle of sourcing high-quality spices and bring them directly to you in measured quantities, so you can focus on the cooking experience and enjoy your finished dish in the comfort of your home.